What is EM•1®?


EM is the abbreviation of Effective Microorganisms®. EM•1® comes as a brownish pickly smelling microbial solution containing three common groups of naturally occurring microbes, with applications in a multitude of areas.

The three groups arelactic acid bacteria, yeast, phototrophic bacteria

  • lactic acid bacteria known from dairy products,
  • beneficial yeasts known from beer and bread, bonding with
  • phototrophic bacteria, one of the most ancient genera on earth.

These three basic strains of little alchemists work synergistically as the cornerstones of balanced microbial environments, allowing ecosystems to restore their ability of self regulation.

Through their outstanding properties of anti-oxidation and magnetic wave resonance the EM•1® microbes create a healthy medium, out competing the growth of pathogens. They are safe and do not do any harm to plants, animals or humans. Wherever applied EM•1® calls for growth and health and attracts exclusively beneficial microbial activities. Did you know that 60% of all microbes are opportunists? In other words they simply follow the dominant microbial activity in their vicinity, be it beneficial or putrefactive. This is key for understanding the roll of EM•1® as a gladiator, setting the stage for healthy microbial ecosystems. EM•1® with its powerful cornerstone crew of micro-organisms is working in soil as well as in water, which makes EM•1®, Effective Microorganisms® a multi-fold tool, dealing elegantly and without side effects in diverse environmental situations.