History of EM•1®

The secret of the unique EM•1® formula was discovered more than thirty years ago by world wide renowned Professor Dr.Teruo Higa, horticultural professor at University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. He searched for an alternative to chemicals in conventional agriculture when it dawned on him that micro-organisms may play a major roll for healthy soil and successfully growing crops. It took him 10 years until he was able to boil down his findings to a small group of only three synergistic strains out of the overwhelming numbers of existing types of micro-organisms. His unique EM•1® formula is also proof for the happy marriage between aerobic and anaerobic microbial strains, never before believed in science to be able to co-operate. Higa made another micro-biological discovery: Anaerobic strains are not necessarily the stinky and “bad” guys, easily to be observed in food fermentation and fermentative types of composting.